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August 2017

Magyar Állami Operaház – Experience the opera in Budapest

Do you want to attend the opera in Budapest? Great idea! Find more info on planning your visit to the opera on

Maybe you know, maybe you don’t: Hungary has a rich opera history. Just in Budapest, you’ll find several opera houses and the country was home to various important composers. An opera experience can’t miss during your visit to Budapest. 

The most beautiful (and important) opera building in Budapest is the Hungarian Opera House at Andrássy út, the most important street in Budapest. Just the building is worth a visit, but you won’t have to win the lottery to attend an opera. If you do it right and have some patience, that is.
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To do and to see in Budapest

Everything you need to know before traveling to Budapest

Wat je moet weten voordat je naar Boedapest reist Wat je moet weten voordat je naar Boedapest reist Wie, wat, waar? Misschien weet je het al: Boedapest bestaat uit twee samengevoegde steden, gescheiden door de Donau. Aan de west-zijde ligt het heuvelachtige en historische Buda, aan de oost-zijde het toeristische, vlakke Pest. In Buda moet je zijn voor je heuveltraining, waanzinnige uitzichten over de stad en historische bouwwerken als de Burcht van Buda. Ik verwacht dat je in Pest de meeste tijd zult doorbrengen. Hier vind je de meeste bezienswaardigheden, musea, bars, restaurants, etc. De uitgaanswijk is Erzsébetváros, of district 7. Shoppen doe je in Váci utca of in WestEnd City Center. Bezienswaardigheden zijn verspreid over Pest. - Lees meer: 5x de mooiste uitzichten in Boedapest

If you’re like me, you’ll look up which sights to see and how to get to the airport on time before traveling. But you also forget to look up which currency is used at your destination. So here’s your guide to Budapest: everything you need to know before traveling to Budapest.

I learn more every day. That’s why I’ll keep adding to this post, so it’ll always be up to date. If you have any questions or if you’re missing anything, don’t hesitate to contact me. A message through Facebook or Instagram is the fastest, you can also email me at
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Useful in Budapest

7x the most popular tips for Budapest

Off to be a tourist in Budapest? These are the seven most popular tips for Budapest! Read more about Budapest on

Budapest is known for a couple of things: stunning architecture, ruin bars, thermal baths, the Danube… When asking for tips, you’ll get a ton of the same most popular tips for Budapest. Just because that’s the known way to experience the city. Mostly on the surface, and very tourist-like, but good for a first experience or short trip. Just another reason to come back to Budapest!

Whether you want to use this list to see the most famous sights or to know which sights to avoid: here are seven of the most popular tips for Budapest. I’ll write another list in the future, with some of the unknown alternatives, with fewer tourists.

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Food & drinks in Budapest, To do and to see in Budapest

Budapest diary #1

Every month, I publish a little (picture) diary from Budapest with the highlights of the past month. This is July! There are a ton of events thanks to the summer season. Combining all that with work, working out, and my courses is a lot of work. At least I love doing it all!

Before July started I already had some plans: a picnic, the Redbull Air Races, maybe a visit to music festival BalatonSound, a visit to the Netherlands, a visitor from Germany and my birthday. No way I’d get bored!

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Petra in Budapest