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October 2017

Six months in Budapest anniversary!

Six months in Budapest, those flew by!

Six months ago I hopped on a plane with a one-way ticket and never looked back. Just kidding, I went back three times already. Anyway, I moved to Budapest, the city I fell in love with a year earlier. The plan was to stay a minimum of six months in Budapest, but I secretly just wanted to stay as long as I liked it. Not such a secret anymore, as six months in Budapest have passed, and I have no plans of moving back home.

In these six months in Budapest, I’ve seen, done, and learned a lot. About myself, about my goals, about business, about people, and about cultures. I traveled through Hungary a bit: I hiked at Mátra, Balaton, and Pilis. Visited Tihany, Esztergom, and Nagykőrös. Went to the Redbull Air Races, music festival Balaton Sound, and several markets, events, and festivals in the city. I made new friends, and had to say goodbye to some of them, made plans for new trips, and took a course Hungarian. Those six months in Budapest have definitely not been boring and I’m excited for the next six months in Budapest!


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Petra in Budapest

Budapest diary #3

Every month, I publish a little (picture) diary from Budapest with the highlights of the past month. Here’s September! Julika took me on her hotspot tour for a day, I attempted to run the half marathon of Budapest with friends, and at the end of the month, I moved apartments. 

Besides that, I also had the Wombat events, went hiking with Budapest Hikers, and of course did some work. I have some news about work that I haven’t shared yet: I got a job here in Budapest. Woohoo, that means I’ll be hanging around here for a while longer!


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