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November 2017

25 facts about Budapest (and Hungary)

25 fun facts about Budapest and Hungary! Like how Budapest wasn't even the first capital of the country... More on

I could tell you so much about Budapest, with many boring facts. About that Budapest is on UNESCO’s world heritage list for example, facts about history that you’ll learn in most museums, or how many people live in the city (1.7 million, but who really cares?). I’d rather share some fun facts about Budapest, that make the city unique.

Credits for the idea go to Emma, from Take a look at her website if you’re planning to visit Berlin! She’s started doing some tours as well. Maybe I should book a trip soon…

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Petra in Budapest

Budapest airport to Budapest city center: 100E vs. 200E + M3

Trying to figure out how to get to Budapest city center with public transport? I compare bus 100E vs. 200E + M3: which do I recommend? Read more on

One of the first blogs I wrote for To do in, was about how to get from Budapest Airport to Budapest city center. I write about taxis, shuttle buses, and public transport. However, when I wrote this post, the most logical way to get to Budapest’s city center with public transport, was with bus 200E and metro 3. A few months ago, a new bus was introduced: bus 100E is a bus that goes straight to and from the city center to Budapest Airport. It seems the easiest way, right? I compare the two: 100E vs. 200E + M3.

Both ways go from the airport to Deák Ferenc tér, the central square in Budapest. That’s great, because from here you can take three metrolines, a ton of buses, and several trams, on top of being able to walk practically anywhere in the city centre. Probably also your hotel! Big chance you can walk, or only have to take one metro, tram, or bus to get to your ho(s)tel.

100E vs. 200E + M3: which works best for you?

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