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Food & drinks in Budapest

5x my favorite restaurants in Budapest

Out for dinner in Budapest? Here's a list of my favorite restaurants in Budapest. For more tips about Budapest, check

I love going out for dinner (or lunch, or breakfast…). Not having to prepare my own food, having a variety of choices, and on top of that trying out all those different and new dishes. And it’s not even that expensive in Budapest compared to the Netherlands! So here they are, five of my favorite restaurants in Budapest.

I don’t like cooking. It takes me way too long (and the eating is over in no time) and then I also have to clean up and do the dishes. I love going out with friends while enjoying some food (and not having to clean up afterward), so me and my friends have been trying different restaurants, although we do go back to our favorites every now and then.

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Food & drinks in Budapest

7x the most popular tips for Budapest

Off to be a tourist in Budapest? These are the seven most popular tips for Budapest! Read more about Budapest on

Budapest is known for a couple of things: stunning architecture, ruin bars, thermal baths, the Danube… When asking for tips, you’ll get a ton of the same most popular tips for Budapest. Just because that’s the known way to experience the city. Mostly on the surface, and very tourist-like, but good for a first experience or short trip. Just another reason to come back to Budapest!

Whether you want to use this list to see the most famous sights or to know which sights to avoid: here are seven of the most popular tips for Budapest. I’ll write another list in the future, with some of the unknown alternatives, with fewer tourists.

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