Budapest diary #3

Every month, I publish a little (picture) diary from Budapest with the highlights of the past month. Here’s September! Julika took me on her hotspot tour for a day, I attempted to run the half marathon of Budapest with friends, and at the end of the month, I moved apartments. 

Besides that, I also had the Wombat events, went hiking with Budapest Hikers, and of course did some work. I have some news about work that I haven’t shared yet: I got a job here in Budapest. Woohoo, that means I’ll be hanging around here for a while longer!


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Jánoshegy – the highest point in Budapest

Let's go to the highest point in Budapest; Jánoshegy! You'll see the best views from the Erzsébet lookout tower. Want to know more? See

Budapest is a green city. There are a ton of parks and green spaces spread throughout the city. Every knows the City Park (Városliget), and Margaret Island (Margit Sziget) – the green heart of Budapest. On the Buda side of the city, there are the Buda hills, including parks and possibilities to hike. Last month I walked/hiked up Jánoshegy with my sister, the highest point in Budapest. And it was worth it!

The top of Jánoshegy (János hill) is the highest point in Budapest with 527 meters. The hill is in the Normafa area. In this green area, you’ll find hills filled with parks, playgrounds, forest, restaurants, etc. There are several walking, running, and bicycling paths. We saw families with children in the playgrounds, couples on dates, but also friends enjoying the cooler weather. That can only mean Normafa is always a good idea.

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How to meet people in Budapest

New to the city and looking to meet people in Budapest? Here's how I did it, plus some useful groups and great meetups! Read more on

When traveling by yourself, or moving abroad by yourself, it can be hard to meet people and make new friends. So many are just passing through, and locals mostly have a complete group of friends already. You don’t know anybody, you don’t speak the language (well), and people who’ve been here longer already have their group of friends. I already knew some locals before moving to Budapest, but I really wanted to meet more people. Also when I was still visiting the city, I loved meeting new people. But where do you find them? There are a lot of people asking about this, so here it is: how to meet people in Budapest.

There’s a difference between meeting people when you’re traveling through, or when you’re living somewhere (temporarily). In the last case, you don’t want to have to find new people to hang out with every week, but you want to try and build a social circle. That’s why I’ll be making a difference between traveling and living in Budapest.

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Your complete guide to public transport in Budapest

It's difficult to navigate public transport in Budapest? Not with this extensive guide. Read more on

When I’m planning a trip, I’m usually overwhelmed by the local public transport. I often have no idea how to look up where and when a bus or tram is leaving. Sometimes there are a ton of options, and (the worst), sometimes the information isn’t available in English. Half the time I just end up walking everywhere! After living in Budapest for five months, I think I’ve pretty much figured out the public transport. So here it is (in English!): your complete guide to public transport in Budapest.

There are many different kinds of public transport in Budapest: metros, trams, buses, and trolley buses, ferries. And then there’s also bikes, taxis, and trains to other cities in Hungary. It can be quite challenging! I’ve done the research for you, and you can find some useful tips and apps at the end of this post.

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5x the most beautiful views in Budapest

Looking for the most beautiful views in Budapest? I'm sharing the most gorgeous views in Budapest on

I absolutely love (city) views, and what’s better than a view over my favorite city? Not a lot, that’s right. Today I’m sharing the most beautiful views in Budapest, from Buda as well as Pest!

Most views in Budapest are from the Buda side, simply because this is where the hills are. Keep in mind that you’ll need to walk some hills for most view points in Buda. Bonus tip: go up just before dusk. This way you’ll see the view in the daylight (with blue skies hopefully), as well as with sunset and the lights of the city.
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Budapest diary #2

Every month, I publish a little (picture) diary from Budapest with the highlights of the past month. Here’s August! Summer was still in full swing this month, but unfortunately, I also got sick twice. That, plus recovery time, makes me feel like I’ve missed the whole month! My sister was in Budapest for 12 days, so most fun was had with her this month.

I barely had any plans in August: some Wombat events, training for my next half marathon, and working a ton before my sister got here, so I could spend a lot of time with her. My plans were messed up a bit when I got sick, so August definitely wasn’t my favorite month. I did really enjoy the time with my sister though!

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Petra in Budapest