Heroes' Square is one of the main sights in Budapest. Want to know more about what to do in Budapest? Visit!

Szia*! I’m Petra and I’m head over heels in love with the Hungarian capital Budapest.

On To do in I share the best tips and hotspots, so you can also plan a fantastic trip to the impressive Budapest.

About Petra

I am 25 years old and spend my free time traveling, running, reading and blogging. My favorite destination is of course Budapest, I will never say ‘no’ to reading Harry Potter books, I’ve completed two half marathons (and am training for the next one) and I’ve been blogging on several blogs since 2004. Dutch readers may know me from the running blog Just Keep

I work as a freelance content creator and social media manager. In short, this means I write a lot (from blogs to landing pages) and I can be found on social media practically 24/7.

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Petra in Budapest

I visited Budapest for the first time in November 2015, I wasn’t even there for a full day. To celebrate my college graduation, I gave myself a round trip to Budapest: I arrived at 11 am and took the bus back to the airport at 3 am. During my time in the city, I saw A LOT and after leaving I couldn’t wait to get back.

My second visit took place in April 2016, with a colleague. This time I spent four days in the city, two full days. We saw the best-known sights, enjoyed the sun on Margit-sziget and went clubbing with Hungarians and Croatians. We had such a great time and this is when I really fell in love with Budapest.

In September 2016 I was planning a trip with one of my best friends, but we weren’t sure on where to go. I found a great apartment in Budapest and the rest was easily taken care of: we were off to Budapest for a full week! Since we had so much time in Budapest, we took it slow, but still saw and did a lot. We went out to dinner, saw a live rockabilly show and I even ran my longest distance before my first half marathon in the city. Yes, I was still in love.

In the meanwhile, people around me kept telling me I should start a blog about Budapest. I was so passionate about the city! Colleagues, friends, family and vague acquaintances regularly asked me for my tips about the city. I kept thinking about that blog and when I spontaneously thought of a name, I registered it right away.

And here is To do in!

* ‘Szia’ means ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’ in Hungarian. You pronounce it as ‘See ya’.

Picture: that’s me on Heroes’ Square (or Hősök tere in Hungarian) in September 2016. Picture by Esther Aagtjes.