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Behalve vanaf de Kasteelheuvel, zijn er nog veel meer mooie uitzichten in Boedapest. Wil jij weten wat te doen in Boedapest? Bezoek

You’ll find the best tips and hotspots on To do in, so you can also plan a fantastic trip to the impressive city of Budapest.

The whole website revolves around the most delicious restaurants, nicest bars, most interesting museums and best views in Budapest. And a lot more of course, because Budapest is a very versatile city. I also share useful information on Budapest, like how to get from the airport to the city center and how public transport in Budapest works. Besides that, you can also find tips for several activities outside of the city, just in case you want to take a day trip from Budapest.

The start of To do in

After multiple visits to Budapest, it was clear: I was in love with the city. Every time I went back home, I was more and more in love with Budapest and it even happened that I hadn’t unpacked yet before booking my next trip (yes, really!).

People around me started asking me for tips about Budapest. My colleagues, friends, and family as well as vague acquaintances knew about my love for Budapest and asked for the best tips. Many of them told me I should start a blog about Budapest. I kept thinking about it but didn’t do it (yet). During a conversation with my friend, the name spontaneously came up and I registered the domain name right away.

And then there was To do in!

To do in in English and… Dutch?

I actually started with the Dutch version; Doen in I always had the intention to also launch an English version, so I would be able to help more people plan their dream trip to Budapest. To do in finally launched on July 26th, 2017, my 25th birthday!

As English is my second language, it is not 100% perfect. Writing in English will hopefully help me improve and be more creative with the language. Feel free to correct any mistakes.

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